Uganda Virus Research Institute

The Uganda Virus Research Institute (UVRI) under the headship of UNHRO is an institution which engages in health research related to human infections and disease processes associated with or linked to viral aetiology. The institution has made a significant contribution to research in viral diseases since 1936. The institute further provides expert advice, forges partnerships and serves as a centre for training and education.

UVRI is also an agency for environmental health and protection and is constantly involved in emergency preparedness. In addition, UVRI hosts various national and international reference and specialized testing laboratories aimed at disease prevention and control.

UVRI departments include; arbovirology, emerging and re-emerging infections, general virology, clinic research unit, ecology and zoology, entomology, epidemiology, data management and biostatistics, immunisable diseases unit, research ethics and immunology.

UVRI specialized units/divisions are; epidemiology, immunisable diseases unit, clinical unit for research and the quality assurance division.

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