Policy, Vision, Mission & Strategy


The Uganda National Health Research Organisation Uganda (UNHRO) works to create a culture in which health policy and application is driven by research evidence in order to improve the health and socio-economic development for the people of Uganda.


The mission of the Uganda National Health Organisation (UNHRO) is to provide stewardship for the coordination and conduct of quality health research and its application in the country.


To promote health research and its application for the improvement of health care delivery for the people of Uganda.

Core Values

Integrity and accountability; Research and its application will be done in a transparent, accountable and professional ethical manner.
Community responsiveness; Research will respond to the needs and equity concerns of the community including gender.
Competitiveness; Excellence and innovation in operations and products. Policy

The National Health Research Policy is a framework that was put in place to harmonise research, operationalize the functions of UNRHO specifically to provide stewardship of research agenda; coordination of health research; setting priorities; strengthening health research capacity; promoting research information sharing; ensuring good practices and ethics in the conduct of health research;knowledge translation, resource mobilisation, and strengtheningpartnerships and collaboration in health research.